Ningbo Jii-Power Auto Accessories CO., LTD.



Customize your LOGO to the product or package
1. Determine the product to be customized
2. Send us the LOGO file, communicate the location and style of the LOGO
3.Make the effect picture
4.Produce samples
5. Mass production

Product use/add special process
1.Determine the product to be customized
2.Determine the process to be used (special lacquer/electrophoresis,etc.) and explain the effect you want to achieve
3.Produce samples
4.Mass production

Customize your own design
We are skilled in all aspects of the manufacturing process of metal and plastic products. By working closely with our customers. We are able to guide them through every step of the process from mold opening and prototyping to production and assembly to final shipment.

1.You could provide your own designs with drawings.
2.You could send an original sample for us to open mold.
3.You could provide your idea and we will make design for you.